Cross Channel Marketing

Today’s consumers get their information from a multitude of sources. Whether it’s the high-end printed piece that demands attention or the e-mail that races past the spam filter, the words and pictures that determine what people think of
your product are spread across many different channels. The key to ensuring their effectiveness is a consistent voice in every medium.

Database Management

Powering seamless, cross-channel campaigns is database management and analytics. We’ve gone far beyond scrubbing and mining to glean powerful insights through analytics, allowing you to reach your best customers when they most want you to reach them—ultimately turning occasional consumers into lifetime brand loyalists.

SoLoMo, e-mail campaigns & PURLs

As Smart Phone acceptance grows by leaps and bounds, Social, Local and Mobile marketing gains greater importance by offering customers something they’ve never had before--the ability to let someone know that what they want is around the corner and on sale now. It’s a whole new customer relationship dynamic.

E-mail campaigns have become a staple of customer acquisition efforts—a cost-effective way to achieve broad reach. More important is how you handle responses to turn inquiries into customers and customers into brand advocates.

Add PURLS, Personalized URLs, to the mix and the theoretical 1:1 marketing we’ve heard about for years becomes a reality, including message control that can make a huge difference in response. Your e-mail blasts become more effective and better tracked as you adjust the message and even coordinate landing page content when appropriate.

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Cross Channel Marketing
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