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Gold Ink Winner McArdle Solutions Wins Gold Award In the Annual Gold Ink Awards Competition
(Philadelphia, PA) Printing Impressions magazine, producer of the annual Gold Ink Awards, announced that McArdle Solutions has won a Gold Award for the entry, titled Details Matter - McArdle 2013 Calendar in the Digital Printing, Calendars category.

See the McArdle 2013 Calender featured on a video blog by InfoTrends.

Watch a recording of "Hot New Design Tools for Digital Print" PaperSpecs Webinar or watch one of the video how-to guides below.

McArdle is Exhibiting at SIPA 2013 Conference in Washington DC June 5-7

4/19/2012 - Read about McArdle's procurement of an Océ ColorStream 10000

Smart Marketing by McArdle

Become a Cross-Media Master

Our Customers see the Super Powers of Jack, Jill and Spot

An Article about our President in June's Canvas Magazine

McArdle Solutions on Fold Factory's Super-cool Fold of the Week

Lisa Arsenault speaks at Graph Expo Live: What to Look for in a Business Partner

"The Right Strategy is Essential to Building Your Business!"

Howard Owen said:
"Barb, this is the best panel I've seen you host. The content combined with the participation of the presenters was outstanding. Te information gathered at this session will be invaluable going forward."


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